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  • Acts 29 Network - A network of pastors    seeking to help qualified leaders who desire to plant new churches and    replant declining churches. 

  • Asia 1040 Mission -    Participants in the International Congress on World Evangelization at    Lausanne, covet together to plant churches throughout Asia from its offices    in Lakewood, Washington. 

  • Bethel World Outreach Ministries    International - A Spirit-filled fellowship of churches and ministries    with headquarters in the United States, are committed to missions and church    planting worldwide. 

  • Border Evangelism And Mercy Ministries    BEAMM - A cooperative of Presbyterian Church in America mission    organizations to plant churches along the U.S./Mexico border. 

  • Build Churches Missions Ministry    - Non-denominational church planting organization based in Laguna Hills,    California, seeks to establish churches in Ireland and Nicaragua. Features    online resources and short term mission projects. 

  • Cascade Mission - A    Restoration Movement church planting ministry aimed at spreading the light    of Christ across Long Island, New York. Includes resources and a photo    gallery. 

  • Dove Christian Fellowship International    - Apostolic house church planting organization based in Pennsylvania, plants    cell group churches around the world. Features resources, church locator,    seminars, training schools, and a bookstore. 

  • European Christian Mission International    ECM - An international and interdenominational organisation seeks to    plant and develope indigenous churches in Europe. Features opportunities for    short-term mission teams, resources, and news. 

  • Hopewell Network of Churches    - An apostolic fellowship of churches based in Pennsylvania networks    together to plant New Testament churches in the United States. 

  • Inroads to Asia - Far East Missions    - A Dallas Texas based christian non profit organization partnering with    business's, churches and organizations to spread the good news of the    kingdom of God to Asia 

  • LA Team 2003 - Church planting team    seeks to establish churches in Southern California. Features short term    mission opportunities, news, and e-mail updates. 

  • The Lord's    Ministry - Church planting organization is establishing churches,    hosting revival meetings, and establishing community based humanitarian    projects in Kenya, Africa. 

  • Mission Russia - A Russian    based church planting organization works in cooperation with local churches    in Russia, Armenia and Kyrghistan to establish new churches. 

  • New Covenant Ministries International -    Non-denominational, apostolic and prophetic trans-local teams plant New    Testament churches in the United States, South Africa, and Australia. 

  • New York City Urban    Ministries - Planting indigenous churches in New York's inner cities,    foundations of inner city missions, strategy, links, God's heart for the    city. 

  • Operation Italy Christian Mission,    Inc. - An association of Independent Evangelical Christian Churches in    Italy are working together to evangelize and plant new churches in that    country. Features information about Missionary Pastor Abel Aureli and his    family. 

  • Passion for Church Planting    - Church Planting Support Organization that exists to promote church    planting and to help church planters start more effective churches! 

  • St. Louis Church Planting    - Missouri Baptist Convention Churches cooperate to establish new churches    in the Eastern Missouri Region. 

  • TOUCH Outreach Ministries - Seeking    to understand and equip the cell-based church. Based on the works and    principles of Ralph Neighbours. 

  • Urban Discovery Ministries -    Mobilizes African-American Christians to plants urban cell churches that    will evangelize impoverished neighborhoods, provides Bible training and    outreach opportunities from Norfolk, Virginia. Features literacy, tutoring,    mentoring, sports, camping, and health outreach programs. 

  • World Harvest Now - A Missions    organization whose main objective is to plant Cell churches in the 10/40    Window. Includes resources and information. Free. 

  • World Impact - Inner city    missions organization dedicated to planting churches among the unchurched    urban poor in America.