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  • Alliance For Saturation Church    Planting - Plants evangelical churches in post-communist Eurasia and    offers downloadable church planting manuals and books. 

  • Church Creation - Develops    software, print, and Internet-based resources with a focus on church    planting and church management. 

  • Church Growth    Resources - Resources for studying church growth, including the planting    of new churches. Developed by Howard Culbertson, professor of missions at    Southern Nazarene University. 

  • Church Multiplication Training    Center - Conducts church planting boot camps, training, and consulting    to planters, spouses, coaches, and denominational leaders. 

  • A Church Planter's Paradise    - Connects qualified church planters with church planting opportunities with    multiple organizations. 

  • Church Planting Ministries    - Training, coaching, and encouraging church planters around the world.    Detailed information for founding a new church as well as improving    involvement at an existing church is provided. 

  • Church Planting    Resources - A community designed to assist those who are involved in    church planting and running churches. Features information on sharing    knowledge to build systems, implementing vision, administration, and new    technologies. 

  • Church Planting    Resources Table - Directory of church planting resources, including    demographics, denominational organizations, articles, and consultants. 

  • Church Planting    Solutions - Church planting support organization from New Life Christian    Church in Centreville, Virginia, offers administrative and project    management services to church planters. 

  • Church Planting Village    - Contains various church planting resources, including demographics,    vendors, tools, and newsletters. 

  • - Outreach    tools, general articles, and free gift packs for new churches from 

  • ChurchSmart Resources -    Christian publishing company and training organization focused on church    planting, church health, and leadership development. 

  • CoachNet International Ministries -    Offers a church planting reference library, discussion forums, internet    study courses, and interactive online coaching tools. 

  • Cooperative    Baptist Fellowship: Church Starts - Offering guidance, training, and    resources for establishing new churches. Features a reading guide and    articles. 

  • Dynamic Church Planting International -    Christian organization based in Oceanside, California, conducts training and    produces resources to equip leaders in their efforts to plant churches. 

  • Elmer Towns - Spiritual Breakthroughs    - Provides resources to help start and grow new churches. Contains free    books for the study of church growth, Christian education, Bible study and    exposition, and Christian life. 

  • Ethnic Harvest: Resources for    Multicultural Ministry - Organization provides resources and information    to establish partnerships between ethnic and anglo churches on how to plant    ethnic churches in North America. 

  • Foursquare Church    Multiplication - Features church planting resources, including a    self-assessment quiz, life cycle info, demographics, spiritual gifts tests,    and more. 

  • International Mission Board: Church    Planting Movements - Features a free online booklet from the Southern    Baptist Convention on the Church Planting Movement. 

  • - Free    downloadable book and additional resources for church marketing and media    use in the developing world. 

  • Mentor & Multiply - A    training program for new pastors and church planters designed by Dr. George    Patterson. 

  • New Church Initiatives    - Provides coaching, online training, live seminars, assessment, and    networking to church planters. 

  • NewChurches - Information about    church planting assessments, legal issues, church types, and discussion    forums. 

  • Passion for Church Planting    - Provides resources and support services to establish new churches.    Features marketing services, workshops and conferences, forums, and    consultations. 

  • Project World Reach: Train &    Multiply - Canadian charity features New Testament methods to train    church leaders that combines pastoral and leadership training with church    planting and development. 

  • Total Mobilization Support Ministries -    Assists in the acceleration of church-planting efforts by combining North    American resources through short-term building and evangelism teams. 

  • World Mission Associates - Promotes    self-reliance and local leadership for churches through a video series,    articles, and seminars.