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  • Carey, William -    E-text of "Life of William Carey, Shoemaker and Missionary" by    George Smith. 

  • Catholic Maori Mission - History of    mission work by Mill Hill Fathers among Maori people in New Zealand. 

  • Center for Study of the    Life and Work of William Carey - This site contains text and images    related to William Carey (1761-1834), Baptist missionary to India. 

  • Henry Martyn Legacy    - Biography detailing the missions activity of Henry Martyn, English    missionary to India and Persia. 

  • Judson, Adoniram    - Biographical article. 

  • Modern Missionary    Movement - Curriculum and synopsis of a "History of Missions"    course at Southern Nazarene University. 

  • Mongols    Follow the Khan of Khans - An account of the planting of the first    indigenous church movement in Mongolia. 

  • Moses and Eliza    Merrill - The story of the Baptist missionaries who established a    mission and school for the Nebraska Otoes in 1833, with the intent of    assimilating the tribe into white culture. 

  • Nathan    Brown - History of an American missionary to India and Japan who was    involved in Bible translation. 

  • Père Laval - Biography    of Jacques Désiré Laval, French priest to Mauritius. 

  • Religion and    Rebellion in China - History of Christian missionaries to China. 

  • Wholesome    Words: David Brainerd - Features biographies of David Brainerd    (1718-1747) a missionary to the American Indians in New York, New Jersey,    and eastern Pennsylvania.