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  • Bolton, Gareth and Malou -    Bible teacher based in the United Kingdom serves under Operation    Mobilization traveling around the world teaching seminars and preaching    messages on various Biblical topics. 

  • Brown, Bill and Gerda: Harvest Time    International - Apostolic and prophetic Bible teachers based in Mission,    Texas, provides training to pastors, evangelists, and teachers in various    countries. Features mission programs along with short and long term missions    opportunities. 

  • Capp, Randolph and Nancy - Design    Consultant for the United Bible Societies, a fellowship of 137 national    Bible societies working in over 200 countries. 

  • Curnutt, Brian and Heidi    - Wycliffe Bible Translators serving in the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle    area. Brian is a Church Mission Consultant and helps with Synergy and    Kingdom Building Partnerships. 

  • Goff Ministries - Independent    missionary family based in Lubbock, Texas, reaches out with the Gospel of    Jesus Christ and humanitarian aid to the Northwest Territories of Canada and    in the jungles of North Central Brazil. 

  • Nehrbass, Ken and Mendy - Missionaries    serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the South Pacific. 

  • Nyberg, Bob -    Phonetics Instructor at the New Tribes Language Institute located in    Camdenton, Missouri. Trains missionary candidates who will be ministering to    primitive tribal people groups. 

  • Oliver, John and Paula -    Computer support missionaries with New Tribes Mission, designing and    programming computer applications to help NTM and its missionaries function    more effectively and efficiently. 

  • The Robertson Family - Support    missionaries serving with Wcyliffe Bible Translators in North Carolina.    Provides information about their work along with prayer and ministry    updates. 

  • Symanzik, Kurt and Beth -    Wycliffe Bible Translators support missionary uses his computer programming    skills to help Bible translation efforts around the world. Features a    newsletter and details of their work. 

  • Thomas, Paul and Barbara    - Training cross-cultural Christian workers through Wycliffe Bible    Translators.