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  • Anger, Katherine -    Missionary and dental assistant in Cambodia. First thoughts on the country,    photos, information about her parents who are also missionaries, and about    the country of Cambodia. 

  • Colombara, Danny and Anita -    InnerCHANGE missionaries serving among the Cambodian poor. Features    background, prayer updates, photos, and donation information.

  • Raju,    Vijaya K.: Human Welfare and Orphanage Children's Home - Independent    missionary planting churches in the Guntur district of Andra Pradesh, South    India and caring for orphans. 

  • The Schaefer Family -    Independent Baptist missionaries now serving in India under Independent    Gospel Missions. Features information about the mission, hymn history,    sermons, and a photo album.

  • Adair, LaVerne - Teaching    children about Christ in Okinawa Christian School International. 

  • Amber: Reflections of Amber    in Japan - Features the experiences and thoughts of a young missionary    serving in Japan. Includes a newsletter, Japan Trivia, photos, and a blog. 

  • Ellrick, Dan and Karen -    Missionaries serving under the Unreached People Groups mission organization    in Osaka, Japan. Features ministry news and activity report. 

  • Galbreath, Ron and Debbie - Church    planting in Hachinohe. Ministry information, FAQ, family photos, and online    newsletter. 

  • Wilson,    Jonathan and Rie: Grace Christian Fellowship - Calvary Chapel    missionaries planting churches in Ome, Japan. Features prayer update,    testimony, and photos. 

  • Zemke, Dean and Sue -    Missionaries with Baptist World Mission to Japan. Information about our    ministry, Japan, and the city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

  • The Fishwrapper -    Missionary family working under the Church of Scotland Board of World    Mission based in Northeast Thailand. Includes news of the local church,    developments, and projects. 

  • Frederick, Mike and Frances -    Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries(BWMOM)church planting    missionaries serving in Thailand. Provides news, prayer requests, family    photos, and contact information. 

  • The Haynes Family - YWAM    Missionaries serving in Chiang Rai. Features information about the mission,    updates, and pictures. 

  • The Indehar Family - Baptist    General Conference missionaries plant churches among the urban poor in    Bangkok, Thailand. Features newsletter, updates, photos, and events. 

  • Inger Lise and Mogens K.    Pedersen: Aids Care - Danish missionaries Inger Lise and Mogens Pedersen    lives in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Inger Lise are working with    children with HIV/AIDS at the Agape Home and Mogens works with OMF. 

  • Sullivan, Dan    and Sompong - Serving with Grace Bible Baptist Mission Thailand, a    ministry of Grace Bible Baptist Church of Denham Springs, Louisiana. Their    aim is to help the Thai saints establish independent Baptist missions and    churches by assisting in teaching, training, translation, and in evangelism    efforts.
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