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  • Alexander, Len and Lisa: Maluhiia    Ministries - World Renewal International missionaries serving Christ in    the Bahamas. Features information about the 30 second kneel down prayer    movement, and Bahamian student mission trips to the homeless in Florida.

  • Clow, Gary    and Sandra - World Team missionaries serving in Cuba. Features ministry    news, photo album, and a video tour of Havana.

  • Bontrager Family: The Bontrager Bugle    - Missionaries serving with YWAM in the Dominican Republic. Features family    news and photos. 

  • Roots, Tim and    Esther: Roots For Christ - YWAM missionaries serving as church planters    and community development workers in the Dominican Republic. Features a    newsletter and photos. 

  • Rumple, William and Karen:    Grace and Peace Missionary Fellowship - Independent missionaries helping    the poor in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Features short term fresh water,    medical, building, and evangelism mission projects.

  • Durham, Jim and Gayle: House of Bread    - Independent missionaries preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus    Christ, building churches, primary schools, establishing a sewing/cooking    school for young women, providing medical care, and feeding children in    Montrouis, Haiti. 

  • Stockeland, Dave: Haiti Bible    Mission - Missionary mobilizer from Beth'El Baptist Church in Green    Forest, Arkansas, organizes teams to help Haitian pastors to build churches    and distribute humanitarian aid in remote areas of Haiti. Features    information about future projects, testimonies, and a newsletter.

  • The Harmon Family -    Baptist Bible Fellowship International missionaries serving in Kingston,    Jamaica. Features testimonies, prayer letters, and country information.

  • MacDonald, Tim and Michelle    - Missionaries serving under the Apostolic Church of Pentecost in Tobago.    Features a newsletter, photos, and prayer needs.