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  • Corporate Chaplains of America -    Provides 24/7 chaplain availability to management and employees alike.    Overview, mission, beliefs, vision and how to join the team. 

  • Market Place Chaplains USA - Offers    employee/company care consultants to companies in America. Overview,    services, FAQ, profile and media.

  • BANHIM -    Basingstoke, Andover and North Hampshire Industrial Mission is sponsored by    the Church of England, United Reformed Church and Baptist churches and    provides chaplains to industry and commerce. Welcome, aims, chaplains,    mission and history. 

  • Chaplaincy to People at    Work - Ecumenical project offering chaplains to the workplace in the    Cambridge area. Personnel, newsletter, events and opportunities for both    business and churches. 

  • Coventry and Warwickshire Mission in    the World of Work - Seeks to represent faith in industry and commerce    and industry and commerce in the churches. Overview of task, aims,    publications, news and contact. 

  • Essex Churches Council for Industry and    Commerce - Ecumenical group involved with the environmental, social and    spiritual issues created by industry and commerce. Overview, aims, board    members, chaplains and annual report. 

  • Industrial Mission in South    Yorkshire - Offers a Christian presence in the world of industry and    commerce and support to people at work. Staff, task and how it is    undertaken, history, events, news and help offered. 

  • K.I.M. - Kent Industrial Mission    works at the interface of industry, church and society. Overview, team    members, annual report and events. 

  • MIBIC - The Methodist Church in    industry, business and commerce offering information regarding the    organisation and practice of workplace chaplaincy. Mission, reflection,    conference, stories and links. 

  • SCADIM - Selby Coalfield and    District Industrial Mission is an ecumenical agency of the churches    co-operating with local industries. Aims, news, diary, chaplains, annual    report and history. 

  • Scottish Churches Industrial Mission -    Joint activity of the churches engaging with the working life of Scotland.    Chaplains task, interaction both with churches and society, newsletter,    sermon and staff. 

  • SLIM - South London    Industrial Mission provides a network of volunteer chaplains and associates    applying the Christian faith to work. Overview, people, partners, projects    and news. 

  • Town    Centre Chaplaincy - Exploring chaplaincy in the town of Oldham.